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Meet the Pinebook, a $89 ARM Laptop That Runs Ubuntu

If you’re looking for a dirt cheap low-power portable Linux laptop you’ll want to keep an eye on this, the Pinebook.

Created by Pine64, the Pinebook is built around the company’s crowdfunded single-board computer, the Pine A64, which sells from just $15.

The 2GB PineA64 is in use in the Pinebook is described as a ‘high-performance’ analog to the Raspberry Pi, and comes with the following specs:
- 64-Bit Quad-Core ARM Cortex A53¹ @ 1.2 Ghz
- Dual Core Mali 400 MP2 Graphics
- 16 GB eMMC
- Wi-Fi & Bluetooth
- 1.3MP webcam
- 10,000 mAh LiPo battery

The Pinebook pitches up as 2 separate models, differentiated solely by screen size: an 11.6-inch version priced at $89, or a $99 model with a 14 inch screen.

It's not intended to compete with a $499 laptop but for many this will provide all their basic computing needs.

А что не плохо, железяка по цене калькулятора, тем более туда можно впихнуть любой, другой дистрибутив поддерживающий ARM.

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